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We appreciate your interest in our company and trust that the information you find here will be informative and useful.

As one of Hawaii's largest gasoline marketers and convenience store operators, we are committed to providing our customers and our community with the best value, top quality products, and extraordinary customer service.

Our Aloha Island Mart convenience stores and Aloha gasoline stations enjoy a heritage in Hawaii that dates back to the early 1900s and as reflected in the faces of our more than 550 dedicated and hardworking employees, our roots in Hawaii run deep. This allows us to recognize the needs of our community and respond promptly to meet those needs.

Aloha is proud to offer the Aloha and Shell brands in Hawaii. As a result of the acquisition of Shell Hawaii, Aloha now markets through approximately 100 Aloha and Shell branded fuelling stations in the state.

Aloha Petroleum is proud to have been recognized by Hawaii Business magazine as one of the largest companies in our state.

We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about Aloha Petroleum, Aloha Island Mart, and the many great products and services we provide. We’re committed to giving you quality, value, and outstanding service in our stores and at the pump.

Aloha and kindest regards,
Richard Parry

Aloha's Core Values
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