Aloha is proud to be a distributor of CITGO lubricants products for any industrial or vehicle application. We have a modern 10,000 sq ft. warehouse on Oahu and experienced staff to assist you in your product and technical needs.

Aloha utilizes a "tote" system to replace metal drums & eliminate clutter in your shop area. We install stackable totes to service our customers' needs.

Advantages of our lubricant program

  • Equipment monitoring programs for job sites
  • Island wide Oahu delivery Monday thru Friday, including bulk deliveries
  • 100% local servicing
  • Competitive pricing for all levels of business
  • Products to meet any industrial specification need
  • Problem solving for product consolidation, dispensing, contamination, and compatibility
  • On-site inspection program to reduce product waste and increase efficiency

Benefits to our customers

  • Save time and money
  • Improve equipment performance and economic life
  • Reduce or eliminate drums and problems of drum disposal
  • Improve efficiency of operations and handling
  • Eliminate unnecessary products
  • Reduce wasted product

To learn more about how Aloha Petroleum's lubricant program can benefit your business, e-mail or call (808) 833-3251.

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