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Aloha Petroleum: Your Source for Unparalleled Lubricant Solutions

At Aloha Petroleum, we're committed to delivering exceptional service for all your lubricant needs. For our valued business customers from diverse industries, we offer a range of premium lubrication solutions that cater to high volume demands.

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Cost-Effective Bulk Lubricant Delivery

Bulk Delivery for Efficiency: For high-volume customers, we provide bulk delivery of lubrication products in see-through, stackable storage tanks and secondary containment vessels. This not only ensures cleanliness and organization but also translates into significant cost savings compared to prepackaged products.

Reduce Product Footprint: Our bulk delivery system not only saves you money but also minimizes your product footprint. With a quick glance, you can see your complete inventory, making inventory management a breeze.

We deliver a variety of lubricants to fit your needs

Air Blue Fluids
Performance 500
North American Lubricants
Kaady Chemical

The Power of Castrol: Our Exclusive Offering

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Castrol: A Trusted Brand

Aloha Petroleum proudly serves as the exclusive Castrol distributor in the State of Hawaii. Castrol is renowned for its excellence in car engine oils, but it goes beyond that.


Superior Performance

Independent testing has shown that Castrol EDGE Extended Performance surpasses Mobil 1 Extended Performance in terms of resistance to viscosity breakdown. Additionally, Castrol EDGE outperforms competitors in the independent TEOST TEST (ASTM D6335), measuring deposit weight.

A Comprehensive Range

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Castrol offers a diverse range of lubricants, including Heavy Duty and Industrial variants. If you're using 15w40, consider upgrading to Castrol CRB 15w40 or, even better, Castrol Vecton Synthetic Blend 10w30 or Castrol Elixion 5w30. These superior options enhance engine longevity while reducing maintenance costs.

Invest in Quality Lubricants: When it comes to hydraulic and gear oils, quality matters. Ask yourself, if you've invested a substantial amount in your equipment, would you compromise by using "bargain brand" lubricating fluids? Protect your investment with the superior offering of Castrol!

Aloha Petroleum is your trusted partner in elevating your lubricant experience. With bulk delivery, premium Castrol products, and a commitment to quality, we empower businesses across various industries to operate efficiently and protect their valuable equipment.

Protect your investment with the superior offering of Castrol! Email us at to learn more.

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