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Save-A-$ Club Commercial Card

Maximize Savings and Efficiency with Aloha's Save-a-$ Club Commercial Card

Fueling your business just got smarter and more cost-effective with Aloha's Commercial Card Benefits. Designed for customers with 1,000-gallon tanks or the capacity to fuel that volume, our proprietary charge card offers a range of advantages to optimize your fuel management.

Per Gallon Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 10¢ per gallon depending on your expected monthly fuel volume. These savings can quickly add up, significantly reducing your overall fuel expenses.

Enhanced Security

Our fuel card comes with a secure PIN system, ensuring that your transactions are protected, and your fuel expenses remain secure.

Comprehensive Transaction Records

Keep track of every detail with transaction records that include date, time, station location, product type, price per gallon, and transaction amount. Gain insights into your fuel usage like never before.

Extensive Fuel Station Network

Use your card for savings at nearly 100 fuel stations statewide. Enjoys additional discounts on Aloha’s everyday low prices. Aloha's Commercial Card is accepted at all Aloha and Mahalo stations, providing convenience wherever your fleet operates.

Expanded Accessibility

We've expanded our network and now your card can also be used at most participating Shell stations, further increasing your options for fueling up.

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Pay your Commercial Card Bill

You can pay your Aloha's Save-a-$ Club Commercial Card bill online directly from your bank account any time.

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