Our team at Aloha Petroleum offers exceptional service for all your lubricant needs.

For our high volume customers, we provide bulk delivery of products in see-through, stackable storage tanks and secondary containment vessels for cleanliness and organization. Bulk product delivery provides for cost savings over prepackaged products. Not only do you save money, you’ll also reduce the product footprint and you'll see your complete inventory at a glance.

Aloha Petroleum is the exclusive Castrol distributor in the State of Hawaii.

You already recognize Castrol as an amazing car engine oil brand, but did you know that independent testing has proven Castrol EDGE Extended Performance stronger than Mobil 1 Extended Performance against viscosity breakdown? Castrol EDGE also performed better than them on an independent TEOST TEST (ASTM D6335) which measures deposit weight

Castrol has a variety of options to suit your needs.
This superior quality doesn't stop there! Castrol also makes a full line of Heavy Duty and Industrial lubricants!

Replace your tired brand of 15w40 with the superior offering of Castrol CRB 15w40 or even better, Castrol Vecton Synthetic Blend 10w30 or Castrol Elixion 5w30. As a result, your engine’s longevity will increase while your maintenance costs decrease.

Are you using Hydraulic and gear oils? If so, ask yourself this: If I paid a quarter million dollars for my equipment, would I put “bargain brand” fluids in it? 

Protect your investment with the superior offering of Castrol!
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